Managed IT Services

Big Sky Consulting can be your complete IT service management solution supporting all your servers, network appliances and desktops. Your systems will be monitored and supported both remotely and locally, where any potential issues are fixed before they can present a problem.

Server and PC Management

Our remote monitoring capabilities allow us to proactively monitor your desktops and server to identify potential issues before they become problems. In the event that we identify a potential issue, we will take care of it remotely or on site if necessary.

Remote Tech Support and Onsite IT Support

Even the most stable IT systems can develop problems that need to be addressed. Big Sky offers around the clock support making it possible for engineers to take care of any IT system issues as soon as they are discovered, and outside of business hours for less impact to your production schedules.

IT Strategy and Technology Planning

Strategic planning focuses on creating a well-structured, scalable, and maintainable IT infrastructure that will support your company’s goal well into the future.

Server Backup Solutions

We understand how a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan is essential in the event of any type of system failure. A server crashing can affect any business for hours, days, or even weeks; and can stem from the simplest causes such as human error, a power outage or a hardware failure. Local backups or an off-site cloud storage solution may provide some relief in the form of simple recovery. We also provide tape backup for data archive requirements.

Server and Hardware Virtualization Support

Big Sky highly recommends that individuals and companies always take into account that natural disaster and accidents happen; moving your servers to a virtualized environment allows you to reduce hardware costs, increase the flexibility, improve security, facilitate scalability, and overall deliver more reliable systems.