Cloud Services

Cloud services are a newer area of interest, and have quickly become one of the most appealing technology available to almost all. Cloud services can be more affordable and flexible than traditional IT services and will grow with your business as it matures. Big Sky can help you evaluate and plan for cloud services.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Big Sky offers daily, weekly, and monthly backup and business continuity services that are designed to ensure that your business has access to its important data in any event. We test backups regularly to ensure that they are working properly in the event of a system failure.

Cloud Business Continuity

Our cloud business solutions will have your business up and running within a window of time that your business identifies as appropriate. You can trust that your business will have access to critical information and IT systems that are necessary to support your business tasks.

Cloud Hosted Exchange

All businesses highly depend upon their email systems to carry out daily communications; therefore it needs to be a reliable email system with a proven record availability. Traditional email systems with built-in redundancies that prevent system downtime are complex and can be very expensive when hardware, software and support costs are factored into the equation.