About Us

Big Sky Consulting, LLC was founded in 2000. Designed to provide IT expertise to a variety of small and large businesses around Santa Barbara. After a couple years of regular IT contract work, we created a hosting solution for small businesses that required enterprise grade IT without the full cost of hardware and IT personnel. In retrospect, this was cloud technology 10 years before cloud services were commonly known. Those same businesses from 13 years ago are still relying on this infrastructure today. We have evolved the technology and hardware many times, all in the background with little business disruption.

We do a considerable amount of work for local governments virtualizing systems, deploying desktop software, implementing applications, server maintenance and updates, and general IT support. We like to work with existing IT staff in a collaborative way, and we do tasks that you do not want to do, or don’t have enough resources to do.

Call us anytime. We know that if your computers and software are not working, it is a real problem. So if it is important to you, call us now, and we will do whatever we can to help.

We have well over 30 years of direct hands-on experience with IT and know how to get things done with the least amount of disruption.